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Individual sessions are a unique, deep way, to deal with issues that you are facing within yourself and in your life. With somatic approach, a form of therapy of dialoguing with the body, issues, resolve and dissolve. It’s surprising to know what deeper level of healing are available in our body-mind. When you open to love that exist in you all that you know that does not work find is way to flow. Suddenly new meaning and understanding are available. 


“From very early teen, I felted, I want work with people. When people comes with their pain and suffering there are not masks, there is not fake-ness. I love that true, that openness, that sincerity of the heart. Even if it involve dramatic story of lost, conflicts or unbearable life situation, my heart is open, loving, welcoming. Because that story is a bridge from my heart to the heart of the other. I only value this love of the heart. That’s why I became what I'm right now. Being with people in their true, it is like being in the presence of the most beautiful phenomena in nature. In the deepest core of the existence.” Sambhavo



Dear Sambhavo!

I feel delighted with the memories of our private sessions and stunned by that easy, precise, delicate and tactful way you have chosen to help my body to do such hard powerful deep work for getting rid of all those negative programs, and my old life trauma, that have been disturbing my life in so many ways for decades. 

Elena (Russia)

The Big letters
 The sessions take place in Tel Aviv and Desert Ashram.
For an appointment, please call: 054-3971860


Single (60-90 minutes): 475 NIS

Couple (90-120 minutes): 575 NIS

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